Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Mr. President...

*this piece ive had for some time I wrote this while the President was being sworn in*

Words such as impossible and can't have become non existant in my vocabulary
Because YES...WE...CAN now stands in its place
Last year we all went through it all
It was all so much harder then ever before
But you Mr. President reminded us we survived
Therefore we will survive another day

Did you see Dr. King at the inauguration?
Giving his seal of approval
I did...
Right then and there as I watched NBC
President Elect walked the halls ready to claim his place in history
Right then and there Dr. King walked with you

His smile shined through your eyes
Cause your face stayed stern
His happiness glowed through your calmness
His determination and strength rested easily on your shoulders
Step by step you both exhaled together

As words escaped your lips
Then touched millions, worldwide
Right then and there
Dr. King stood tall
Proud of us all
Because right then and there
He knew "we shall overcome"
Has now become "yes we can"

What once seemed to only be a dream
Now we face reality
Because the one word you see in both phrases

Thank you for reminding us we shall over come
And showing us yes we can

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