Thursday, October 6, 2011

Perfect Imagery

You could be a perfect thought
A perfect Imagery
Sketched in the far corner of my mind
With the summer night breeze
You see
Its all make believe
Where one thought plus one thought equals
A perfect fantasy
Candles lit around a room
Gentle whispers spoken so softly
Conversations that wouldn't exist
All equaling
A sweet time in my mind
So when ever I want a second of bliss
I'll let my mind create the tale
If you happen to catch
A sparkle in my eye
Know there is where you exist


  1. I love it...I love how our blog names are almost similar lol...Great Job!

  2. wow..this is great..i love it..thanks.

  3. That is really nice! And i don't think that your blog is boring! ha ha You'll find one that you really like sometimes it takes awhile to find a nice one that you're happy with! :-)

  4. A perfect fantasy. A sweet time in my mind.

    Love the prose.